Young Loki; green-eyed, mist-born

ice-spear in one hand

stag-hunting come dawn

streak of shade on a bone-pale land. 

"More like Thrandu-won’t."
— Thorin maybe
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Anonymous asked:
tells us about your best birthday so far

Hmm, im not big on birthdays so heres one I find memorable instead:

It was on a sunday so I didnt have to work. All day pigging out in my pyjamas marathoning breaking bad s3 then my partner took me to dinner in an all-you-can-eat and we spent the rest of the evening talking shit abt ppl and philosophizing abt life and the origins of the universe b4 heading back for some birthday luvvvin

By my standards that was a p boss day, birth-related or not.

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lee pace is dangerous because he has that ‘friendly neighbor who waves when he goes to his mailbox’ thing about him, but then also he has this ‘i am 6’3, strongly built for standing-up fuckin’, and I have a dresser drawer full of handcuffs’ thing about him too.

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He’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr Lee Pace

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