He does give off an extremely androgynous vibe, and this is coming from someone who’s nonbinary. IDK. He just seems a little towards the blurry purpleish side of blue, if that makes sense.

anshin it’s 8AM here and i haven’t slept

nothing makes sense anymore

what even is a nonbinary

but yes! i totally see where you’re coming from. most of us here seems to be picking up that particular vibe from him as well.

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  1. anshinwrites said: Nonbinary just means I’m not a guy or a girl. XD I’m genderfluid. Sorry, I forget you’re on like the other side of the world because it’s 8 PM here. ^^; But yes that.
  2. shutupimcreating said: Nonbinary people are those who don’t identify within the binary gender system (male/ female) :’D /is genderqueer
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