oh my god i just finished season 3 of the walking dead and may i just say

that has got to be the silliest band of post-apocalyptic survivors ever

come to think of it i have no idea how they have survived this far, what with their unbearable overall silliness

at this point i am convinced i am only watching this silly show for reedus and reedus’s tattoo, which obviously has a mind of its own

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  1. zodgory said: I honestly thought they’d grown some sense at the beginning of the season. Then they quickly pissed it away
  2. letfallthepalace said: This is pretty accurate.
  3. xyannachanx said: Do you really find the walking dead survivors silly? I actually loved all the character developement that went on in especially in the second half of the season (the doctor, rick, the governor, carl!).
  4. aliciadreams said: I was about to unfollow you for this blasphemy, clicked on your page to unfollow you and the Hiddleston’s gorgeous face made me forget what I was there to do. Then I remembered when I came back to my dash, we can disagee on TWD, Tom is more important
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    I watch it for Reedus and Danai Gurira. They are both fantastic. And, like Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley from Community)...
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    reedus is a perfect reason to watch anything
  8. novimnet said: I came for the porn and stayed for the succinct but hilarious tv and movie reviews
  9. luperustheartist said: If I’m honest…. it’s the only reason I’m watching too… Lol
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